Integrating Capacity and Community Advancement Organization had an active year during the 2016/2017 period with many activities ranging from awareness programs, capacity building to evaluation of its activities. ICCAO managed to conduct activities involved with raising awareness, capacity building, environmental care, networking and the monitoring and evaluation of its activities. ICCAO discovered that more efforts need to be undertaken in order for the community to uphold and support efforts to environmental destruction and poverty. There are still challenges facing the community and therefore affecting the accomplishment of ICCAO activities including inadequate funding opportunities. Despite the challenges, ICCAO managed to have a greater impact in recruiting a number of change markers as well influencing mass change by outreach reaching more communities and institutions. In its endeavor to have a greater community impact, ICCAO anticipates to source more partners for financial support.


Integrating Capacity and Community Advancement Organization is a youth-led organization designed to encourage and further community development in Tanzania by empowering community through volunteer work Integrating Capacity and Community Advancement Organization empowers women children and youth through education and volunteer work which is designed to mitigate poverty in Tanzania. We run workshops, seminars, short-term and long-term volunteer programs, all of which are dedicated to helping community find and reach their full potential. Integrating Capacity and Community Advancement Organization a non-profit, non-governmental, non- political charitable organization established under, and subject to, the exclusive jurisdiction of the laws of Tanzania. ICCAO is a registered Non Government Organization in 5th January 2015 with the registration number OO/NGO 08355 in Tanzania.

Integrating Capacity and Community Advancement Organization head office is located in Kinondoni District, in Dar es Salaam. ICCAO aims to help youth take a leadership role in addressing the most urgent cultural, social and economic problems facing their community. We promote and improve the livelihoods of underserved communities through education, economic empowerment, policy advocacy, capacity building and culture exchange programmes, which are youth-centered, gender sensitive and environmental friendly. Our programs are set up so that the whole community is involved and can reap the benefits of what is created. As Tanzanians, we are also motivated to participate in productive work so as to promote standards of living to individuals while abiding to the constitution and Laws governing the country under organizations Act, 2002.


ICCAO supports disadvantaged communities by bringing their stories and experience to the attention of the public, decision-makers and stakeholders. We undertake advocacy locally and nationally to bring about positive change to policies and practices and help raise awareness of important development issues. Our community programmes and projects are based on the following areas: 1. Community awareness and advocacy 2. Economic empowerment and financial education 3. Civic leadership and capacity building 3. Environment conservation


2.1.1 Awareness Rising Programs

Open community, street and In-school awareness were the activities conducted in the Rising awareness program at Singida Municipal Council and Kinondoni District of Dar es Salaam. The interventions aimed to support community members; children, women and people to be better organized and empowered (40%), and able to take actions that prevent and mitigate violence against their rights and raise their standard of living. These open dialogues accumulates holistically a large number of participants includes men and women, boys and girls (youths) .Each dialogue accumulated more than 60 participants where by total number of 100 direct beneficiaries reached.

According to the current situation in Tanzania young people between 10 and 24 years constitute more than a third of Tanzania population. Once these youth are informed of their rights and their role to play and support in the job creation, violation of children rights prevention strategies, there will be an empowered and motivated activism with deepened self-esteem to take strong and sustainable actions before violation of the same rights takes place.To actually create sustainable change of altitudes, beliefs and practices in our communities we need to foster activism within ourselves, our organizations and our communities. Activists, (change marker) feel deeply connected to the injustices of inequality. Understand the dynamics of violence analyze it and feel compelled to take action against it. However, it is essential to work with youth through transformation strategies. They must be treated as right holders and placed at the centre of positive change processes to ensure their participation and ability to demand for their rights and participate in decisions that affect them. Youth participation plays a vital role in empowering their development. In addition to that, Tanzania has the highest adolescent pregnancy rates in the world, affecting the girls’ rights in reaching their full potential in life. Every year more than 8000 girls drop out from school due to pregnancy. The most recent data shows that the drop out have increased.

What was achieved? Approximately 500 youth people from both primary, secondary schools college and street people participated in the training and workshops, facilitated by ICCAO, provoked youth to share openly their concerns related to entrepreneurship and youth empowerment, environment conservation , the debate promoted individual reflections for change that enabled youth to change.

2.1.2 Capacity Building

Workshops, training and seminars about Youth Employment Initiative in Dar es Salaam (YEID) concerning the entrepreneurship to create job in youth about several capacity building workshops where conducted in Kawe, Kimara in Dar es Salaam and Mandewa in Singida, Magomeni. Participants to the workshop represented the following groups: street children and youth, In/out- of school youth.

Also the number of Entrepreneurs and environmental conservation groups increased within the schools communities. In both of these schools we received great responses from both the students, staffs and community members encouraging us to continue to do more workshops.

Topics facilitated during the workshops in various places based on educating the young men and women on relevant social economic issues such as children, women, and disabled rights, Impacts of drug abuse, prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, Environmental Conservation and poverty eradication. What was achieved? The outcomes were reduced rate of youth in involvement in poor life styles like drug abuse, robbery and prostitution. Awareness and advocacy activities of the human rights improved.

2.1.3 Economic Empowerment

Integrating Capacity and Community Advancement Organization is as well running entrepreneurship training courses, trained more than 25 women groups includes widows , and girls up to end of December 2017, mostly being survivors of early pregnancy and marriage. Among them are currently owning/running individual businesses. Some have been employed in different companies. We established Women Economic Empowerment Project (WEEP) that aims to provide financial education and entrepreneurship training to women and girls in the underserved communities of Kinondoni district. The project focuses on empowering women of all ages to start and run small businesses, helping them to access small loans from micro-finance institutions that provide start-up capital for groups.

In 2018 ICCAO planned to open Women Tailoring Center in Kinondoni District. Apart from acquiring tailor training skills, these groups of widows, young women and girls are as well equipped with literacy sessions at the centre for increased awareness about the ideal age of marriage in addition to other health literacy sessions, including Reproductive Health and Rights, sexual transmission diseases and HIV/AIDS. The sessions provided have indicated to have improved their knowledge and attitudes about the health benefits of birth spacing and delaying age of marriage. Some community members (Women and Girls) during Entrepreneurship training in Mbezi beach, Dar es Salaam.

Lessons learned: Household poverty influences the age of marriage and involving in a poor life styles. Prevention efforts could address this by increasing widows and girls’ ability to generate income, helping families offset the costs of postponing marriage, and by changing local norms on bride price and dowry. Girls attending the tailoring centre are happy with deepened aspiration for change; they have changed physically and psychologically.


2.1.4 Networking

During the year of report, Integrating Capacity and Community Advancement Organization established networking interactions with national and international organizations, aiming to acquire exposure to new and innovative ideas. The networking collaborations have enabled influx of information that greatly adds to the overall productive and effective interventions we deliver to the community. We also appreciate for the opportunities to learn for improvement, importantly, the ability to understand each other values and beliefs that help our engagement with the work we envision to achieve supported with likeminded people and organizations. Open Mind Tanzania, AVC and Environment care organization


2.1.5 Advocacy and awareness in environment conservation

Promote environment conservation so as to reduce desertification and reduce environment degradation people should plant trees and reduce cutting down of trees, in the rural areas and urban areas by bees keeping project.



ICCAO has 10 members and volunteer staffs. 3 full time volunteer staff recruited and maintained for the programs and volunteers other works as part time, also ICCAO offer part time volunteers and field work opportunities to add up working morale and deepen the ability to learn and perform. In this end of year 2017 report about committed staff worked tirelessly on voluntary bases, due to unavailability of funds a setback to achieve competently however, the efforts played by each one facilitated the achievement of the organization planed interventions for the year.


This brief 2017/2018 year report, ICCAO has identified the interventions that worked out effectively adopted different strategies to deal with its challenges during the forthcoming year of operations. Some of the strategies that will be adopted include;

  • - Sourcing more partners and linkages with various community based organizations to ensure resource mobilization.
  • - The need to establish a database for all members due to observed trend of member’s performance after deepened skills and abilities to retain changes.
  • - Review purpose, ICCAO would like to conduct a 2nd year program review of the achievement of program outputs in relation to key inputs, outcome and its impact in order to determine strengths, opportunities, weakness and threats.